24 Agustus 2013

Income Pedia Play Strategy Game on Marketglory

Play Strategy Game on MarketGlory
MarketGlory : Place this link on forums, blogs, message board of diffrent chat or IM application, or send it by e-mail. All the users who register on your link become your referrals for a period of 100 days, extendable to block at a cost of 0.8 euros for another 30 days. They will pay up to 20% tax on each ingame income, depending on your energy. When a referral deposits in euro in his game account, you will receive 10% of the amount deposited.

MarketGlory : Remember that for each referral who signed up on your Affiliates link, you will receive 0.1 Affiliates points per day, for maximum a month from the registration, if your referral is active and gives at least 5 fights a day. The Affiliates Fund will be distributed once a month, on the 20th of each month, and you will receive a bonus in Euro for the integer points you have obtained during that month.

MarketGlory : On the 21st of each month, 800 Euro will be exchanged from Affiliates/ Financial Assets. Also, for the first investment equal or higher than 9 Euro of your referrals in the first month from registration, you will receive 10 Affiliates points. In Top subsection you can see the current point value, updateable upon current user points. Below you have a top of the users of MarketGlory, based on the number of integer points obtained through the Affiliates contest.


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